Welcome to Technicare Dental SuppliesĀ Ltd.

We are a mail order company specialising in dental rotaries and consumables based in South Devon.

We are a competitive and growing company, who are ISO 9001 2015 URS registered.

The managing Director Jerry Walters and his team value the ISO accreditation and the quality standards that it represents. Therefore the company works to maintain and strives to improve the quality of service to its ever expanding customer base.

Most of the products supplied by Technicare come from ISO approved suppliers from all corners of the globe. Products from suppliers like Edenta, GC, Dental alloy products, and Keystone are ISO approved, which means that product traceability goes beyond Technicare’s boundaries and can be traced all the way back to the beginning of manufacture, and up through the supply chain for those suppliers.

Technicare Dental Supplies has a full range of trimmers, plaster, acrylic and metal trimmers to porcelain and zirconia trimmers. These tungsten, diamond and rubber impregnated cutters are made in Austria in Edenta’s State Of The Art factory.

As Edenta has ISO 9001 accreditation, all care and attention to detail is taken when producing these precision instruments. These trimmers are suitable for the latest preparation techniques and materials with fewer instrument changes and a shorter preparation time. Edenta instruments have a special cut and blade geometry to suit different materials,ensuring effective cutting and producing optimum results. Based on Edenta’s research and development we can guarantee a product range that always provides up to date technology.

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